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Our Story

PQlife Learning Center offers affordable K-12 education services to communities within and around the US. We aim to provide academic excellence, coaching services, entrepreneur incubators, community services, and consultations more accessible to local parent/student communities.


Established in 2009 as Enlighting, PQlife Learning Center is a global training and equipping institute for young people right in the heart of downtown Princeton, NJ.  We exist to empower young people to face and conqueror the systemic challenges in today’s world in every sector of society.  We believe that to positively affect one’s community or nation, whether in the fields of technology, government, health, research, performing arts, or business, the young people must first identify their passion in life and then have the necessary personal, academic, and relational skills to accomplish their goals.


Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of experts who have extensive experience in educating, managing, serving, and leading individuals, students, parents and organizations. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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PQlife Learning Center

301 N. Harrison Street

Princeton NJ 08540


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