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Established in 2009 and located in downtown Princeton, NJ, Enlighting is a global training and equipping institute that aims to empower clients to overcome systematic challenges in a rapidly changing world. Believing in the importance of identifying one's passion, Enlighting fosters organic relationships that transcend ages and cultures, creating powerful new team dynamics.


With a hunger for learning, humility in service, and adaptability, Enlighting specializes in developing young leaders from the Millennials and Gen Z. Our team possesses extensive experience and a deep understanding of the complex social and cultural issues that impact these individuals, ensuring effective mentoring and coaching.

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We're Helping Talents Connect with Their Passions

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What We Do

We're Helping Talents Connect with Their Passions

After a decade of seeing the widening gap between talents and passions in the world, our founder established our agency with one goal in mind: turn Performance-driven talents into Impact-driven Passionaires.

Since our official launch in 2010, we have been working to impact hearts and minds through coaching and training. We are passionate about ensuring that individuals and business leaders see their talents as not just tools for wealth building, but for change and believe that purpose-driven passions are essential components to drive both money and mission forward. 

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Our Mission

To help impact-driven individuals and organizations further their missions by connecting their passions with their gifting.

People with Masks

Our aim is to create a future in which individuals are empowered to make educated, meaningful decisions with a global impact that will benefit their communities and the world.

Business People Having Fun

Our Vision

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Our Values

Clarity. Confidence. Creativity. Caring.

Our Team

Led by Passionaires

Our coaching team is a powerhouse of expertise, with a deep understanding of managing and leading individuals, teams, and organizations. Their wealth of knowledge in strategic marketing, branding, and business ownership and management, as well as organizational leadership, allows them to provide top-notch guidance and support. When you work with our team, you'll benefit from their high power and confidence to help you achieve your goals, their commitment to family values, and their insatiable curiosity to constantly learn and improve. Get ready to unlock your full potential with our team of passionate coaches! 

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Serving Those Who Serve


Customers & Stakeholders Supported


Team PQ Projects Completed


Missions Branded



Movers & Shakers

Some of Our Clients

We've proudly served businesses and organizations of all sizes that are making mighty moves.

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Our Services

Committed to Creating for Your Vision

Welcome to our comprehensive assessment service!

Our assessments are designed to provide you with a deep understanding of your personal growth, career potential, relationships, and leadership abilities. With a focus on your passions, our assessments offer a holistic view of your identity, uncovering your hidden potential and helping you discover new possibilities. Gain valuable insights and unlock your untapped potential with our assessment services today!


Our Capability

Performance Propelled by Passions

In a world of daily busyness, there is often a mysterious gap between one's gifting and passions. We're committed to helping individuals and teams make impact with their passions by excelling in their gifting with purposeful coaching and training

Our Process

Fueled By Passion, Informed By Data.

Our journey begins with thorough research. We delve into discovering insights and fundamental aspects that will make your passions truly uniquely remarkable. Working hand in hand with you, we shape the strategy for your passions and craft a vivid vision to effectively present your purpose to the world.

Let's Bring Your Vision Alive


Dr. Kung-Li Deng, aka Coach K, is an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, teacher, and scholar. Dr. Deng is recognized as a visionary leader who is deeply passionate about mentoring and coaching. His primary focus is on developing leaders by bridging cultural and generational gaps.

With a diverse background spanning corporate experience at GE and two high-tech start-ups, as well as academic and research stints at Princeton University and Bell Laboratory, Dr. Deng brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching and training practice. Notably, he specializes in individual and team passion assessment and training, helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential.


Dr. Deng is the founder and executive director of Enlighting, a renowned global institute dedicated to training passion leaders. With significant experience in working closely with local and global business leaders, he has successfully implemented passion-based coaching and training initiatives and programs. His coaching portfolio includes clients in various industries such as finance, education, and high-tech companies, providing them with valuable guidance on unlocking their passion and achieving their goals. 

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