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Our K-12 Curriculum 

Your education, Your Way 

We help you to design a business model pathway based on your passions! Our courses will nurture your curiosity, fostering a love for learning and enabling you to become an expert in the topics that inspire you. Additionally, we recognize the significance of family, and our programs will equip you with the skills and values necessary to mentor and guide the next generation. Join us on this transformative journey, where your passions will be honed into tools for making a difference.

Make the most of your time away from school by enrolling in PQlife Learning Center's engaging and enriching online education programs. Whether you want to catch up on missed credits, explore new subjects, or get ahead in your studies, our flexible schedule and personalized courses will help you achieve your academic goals


AP, College Readiness

Unlock your potential with our ADVANCED/COGNIA ACCREDITED COURSES. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that combines creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our advance placement and honor courses are designed to prepare you for success in the ever-evolving world of college preparation

Online Class


Business & Leadership

We will also guide you in mastering idealism, and cultivating empathy and compassion to create innovative solutions that address the needs of others. Additionally, we recognize the significance of family, and our programs will equip you with the skills and values necessary to mentor and guide the next generation. 

Working Together on Project



Pave your way to a successful athletic and academic career with our NCAA ELIGIBLE COURSES. Our accredited courses meet the rigorous standards set by the NCAA, ensuring that student-athletes can pursue their passion for sports while maintaining their eligibility for college scholarships.

Blonde Cheerleaders


 Extracurricular done right

Choose from a wide range of course selections tailored to your interests and aspirations. From STEM subjects to humanity services, business, arts, and world languages, our diverse curriculum offers something for everyone. Expand your knowledge, explore new horizons, and discover your true potential.

Using the Computer

What We Offer

At PQlife Learning Center, we offer a wide range of services to support your educational journey through Southlands School Online. Our ADVANCED/COGNIA ACCREDITED STEAM COURSES provide a comprehensive learning experience. Enroll in our SUMMER SCHOOL program to make the most of your vacation. We also offer NCAA ELIGIBLE COURSES for student-athletes. Choose from our WIDE COURSE SELECTIONS to tailor your education to your interests. Expand your horizons with our WORLD LANGUAGE OPTIONS. Need to catch up on credits? Our CREDIT RECOVERY program can help. Rest assured, all our courses are taught by CREDENTIALED TEACHERS. Join us and experience the benefits of our ACCREDITATION and PATHWAYS to success.

About Southlands Online

Empowering Education One At A Time

Southlands Schools Online is built around a solid curriculum delivering a flexible, accredited, and exceptional education to students in a virtual or hybrid educational environment.


We offer more than 200 courses from kindergarten through high school, including all academic levels, world languages, and a diverse catalog of electives. Notable schools and districts have learned to trust and rely on Southlands Schools Online to solve their most difficult challenges, large or small. Furthermore, we accept all partnerships.


Our strategic design enables us to serve single students from one district with the same care and academic rigor that we offer to districts statewide and globally. 

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Excellence and Integrity

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