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(TRIBE) Start your passionate team!

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Let's face it - People are complex! We have so many attributes and nuances that it can be difficult for us to understand one another. From our family environment to our interactions between people, all people respond to others in various ways. When it comes to the workplace, these diverse life experiences can collectively work and compliment one another, or work against each other. As a business leader, it is important for you to balance and blend employees together in order for there to be success. From personal and professional growth, to thriving in your company, it all starts with understanding the people you work with. That's where we (the PQ team) come in. We will analyze 16 real-life examples so you can begin the conversation on how to promote diversity, inclusivity, and openness to people with distinct, unique passion sets. Join us in course, be assigned a PQ coach, and watch your business thrive.

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